July 2nd, 2001

break from the story

i broke into the pool again on friday night with Louisa and Bob. She didnt think it was going to be that fun, but it turned out to be very entertaining. well...
yes, she fell on her ass twice. now, these shoes she was wearing were 3 inches high, but nothing compared to my 6 inch high fuzzy black platforms. we laughed and were happy tobe alive. walking back i was strolling along and then all of a sudden i was on the ground! i rolled around laughing because id never fallen because of shoes before. and after id made fun of poor louisa! i have this HUGE scrape on the wrist bone on the lower left of my right palm. it got all infected and i had to put bacitacian on it. but yeah..it was strange. i dont rememebr slipping or anything. i was just on the ground all of a sudden! too much SoCo. I ended up crashing over at Bobs. (Did i mention he has air conditioning??) we got some sandwiches and i think i was doing headstands in my underwear, if i remember correctly. drank some cans of Red Bull (which i am slowly starting to get more fond of) and finally passed out. I think we woke up around 10 am, and i got all into that RPG im playing...about a samurai saving pricess Yuki from the demons. Its on Ps2 and its called M---something. anyway, i found a walkthrough so im kicking ass. finally at 2:30 i got my butt outta there, and waited in the hot new york summer for my car to pull up across the street and pick someone else up. had to call them again and wait and wait. and wait. didnt get home for an hour. ridiculous!

mmm, the receptionist brought in danishes. thats my cue to go eat them!