July 6th, 2001


and here i was worried. Domenic is the shyest thing ever! he didnt try to put any moves on me at all...well, unless you count a little nibble on the neck, and a kiss when i first let him in. so, i dont feel pressured in any way to put out. i do feel like im going to have to jump on top of him and molest him if i actually wanna have sex. hmmm.
he came over and we lounged and talked alot and he dissed my CD collection and we talked about the project and watched some of my footage that i was downloading off the camera last night. ate some cheese and crackers and cherry coke. it was a good night.
i still have a crush, but i cant elaborate, cause its now after 9am, and ill get my ass kicked if im caught on here!


as luck would have it, i went to kinkos to upload my movies and i couldnt!!! i tried to download fetch, and it wouldnt open (YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS APPLICATION) i guess its virus protection, or something...
and then none of the computers had web design programs, so i couldnt upload from them...
its like the world is out to get me!
not fair at all!

ok, i called RMD..im going ot try and UPLOAD There!! wishme luck.
luck lcuk lcuk,nlkhvdsl;jbfds

i got it up!

ot my dick..my movies, you freaks..
so, now, ill have things to link to when i get my site up and running.

downloadable on a computer near you.soon!