July 13th, 2001

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fabulous evening last night. i got brave and went out and had a blast. i have to work in 3 minutes so ill have to do the nitty gritty details over lunch..wait, cept i cant cause its a sales meeting. shoot!!

well, to make it short, i bought a book of russiona verbs and took off to this coffee shop in the east village to study for 2 hours. i then returned home, hopped on a bus and made my way up to Williamsburgh..to the Turkey's Nest. I Walk in and sit down to a friendly guy named nathan. we start to get aquainted and i get this call from Bob...hes like.. i cant hear you! come outside screaming etc. so i go outside, and there he is laughing, and runs around the corner. so, all my buds were out. i guess Bobs off the wagon now. that little detox didnt last too long, heh.
ok, ill have to finish this later, cause i have to work ;)
ill try to sneak it in during the morning portion of the sales meeting...
he he he

more bar stories

ok, yeah, so im hanging at the Turkeys nest with Bob, Louisa, Ben, and this guy Patrick who reminds me a lot of my best friend Tim. I suck down 2 budweisers in record time. Mmmm, its a liquid dinner diet. we hang out and talk and waste time and Patrick leaves to go play at open mic night. We laze around more. Ethan calls and we talk about job placement. I get back inside and its decided we're going to Sweetwaters. We go and hang. Im scoping the room and i see a hot boy playing pool, so i sign in my name and make small talk and end up winning 2 games in a row. thats a first for me, the most un-pool shark ever. Louisa leaves randomly and Bob drinks more. I end up sitting at the bar with Patrick, who joined us finally. He was hitting on me pretty hardcare, but I wasnt into it and smiled sweetly at his compliments and kept changing the subject. I made a friend on the other side of me...i forget his name. Bald, septum ring, army boot boy. After a final shot of whiskey, he spent a good 45 minutes with his head on the bar. i got him some water and rubbed the head and i think he felt a little better. i can tell hes a regular. so yeah, at 4am, the bars close so patrick said hed walk me to the car station. Right as Im leaving, this random short blonde guy walks up to me and says .."so are you leaving with guitar man? " i say yes, and hes walking me to the car station. the guy, who introduces himself as Chris says..wow yur the coolest girl in the bar, as i have been all night, he says...
do i have to work...yes? call in sick, cause yur going to have the best sex of your life.
pretty ballsy.
but i wasnt into it. i dont have any sick days anyway. but im thinking..ok ive been at the bar for almost an hour (actually AT the bar, not just hanging in the bar)and i didnt know you even existed..and now as im walking out you think im just going to go home withyou? he looked bummed, but oh well. like i said, props for asking, but i wasnt into it. patrick walked me to the car service place and waited and then i jumped in and took off for home. jeramy wasnt there...and he wasnt there when i woke up this morning. i hope hes ok. takes it easy..
im one to speak. im struggling though work on 2 1/2 hours of drunked sleep (i woke up drunk) and im expected to be at a picnic at 7pm. no naps for the weary!