July 18th, 2001

uploading good news

turns out that i can bring a zip disc in with an ftp upload program and run it off the zip disc at kinkos...that means i am able to upload when i need to and not when my old boss lets me! yay!
now the only catch is that whatever i need to upload has to be on the same disc as the ftp program. so the 4 movies i was going to put up over lunch will have to wait until tomorrow, when i can transfer them to the right disc. so, i have one up, but its got to be converted and then i need to revamp the page. yup. but yes, good news.
they are discussing sex vs love on the radio. which one would you rather have now? you gotta love these morning shows. thats all they talk about. sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

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another sushi lunch. i dont know why im craving it!! i feel like erik! im having a california roll today and some seaweed salad. its all cynthia's fault (my lunch break buddy) she likes to go out every day. i need to get back to eating at the office and not spending money.
on a brighter food note, i finally managed to go grocery shopping last night, and purchased some much needed vegis...corn, frozen spinach, and fruit: cantaloupe, plums and banans. mmmmm, banans.

made dinner last night for myself too. for the first time in oh..2 months. cheese tortellini with red sauce and a side salad with lettuce, tomato, carrots and cheese..and some special Annies "Garlic Dressing" that i splurged on at D Agastinos. mmmmm. all this is in great detail, cause ive been living off of random old cheese sandwiches or nothing for dinner for awhile, so i decided i really needed to start taking care of myself. one of those things i need to concentrate on besides drinking. you know?

so yeah, made dinner and then i got a call from conrad. well, i called him..i suspected that the person who called me late at night (As it turned out not so late..12:30 and then again 5 minutes later, although it seemed later and farther spaced apart at the time) was him. you know. if you have sorta a good time on saturday, a good time to call is monday. so i suspected. we ended up talking or almost 3 hours. this is a big deal, since im not really a phone person, except with "Sin" (you may have met her in the chat room in oberlin) i used to talk with Sin all night..from 11pm to 5 or 6am. so strange. we just NEVER ran out of things to say, and when we tried to say goodbye at 3am, we'd end up talking until 5. i think both phone conversations had a few things in common. a crush. and also some intellectual conversation that made me think about my stance on some things. i think Sin's conversations were a bit more controversial and she tended to REALLY challenge me to the point of arguing. but yeah. Actually,the funny thing is that I accidentally had phone sex with her. im not sure how many people caught that. i thought the sound was off, cause we had been working on the system all day, and she also liked it when i had the sound off cause she felt like she could hear herself talking (she'd watch me and talk on the phone) well, we got into some pretty intense phone sex and i realized the next day, that the sound had been on the whole time! Yikers! hahaha
only one comment in the chat room about that one, and i guess i was sorta safe, being that it was 3 am and all. i just got an email from her today, actually. shes doing well out there in San Fran.
but anyways, back to the here and now, so to speak!!, i do have a new little crush. im going to be careful though. take it a little slow. and enjoy the process of it all.