July 24th, 2001

(no subject)

after reading those comments about my laundry. i think some of you must be more lazy than myself! i did do the laundry, and i did slack off last night. i was going to work on the project, but i got sidetracked by 2 movies : Frankie Starlight, and then Martin Scorcese's "AFter Hours"
anyone seen those?
to be honest, im unsatisfied with the project and i sorta wanna take it in some new direction, but i dont know what yet...so i watched other people's lives in the indie flicks and all the while getting restless and unsatisfied and sappy and passionate and irrate and all of the above.

i did some entries. contemplated angles. thought about photography ideas. turned on the computer, turned off thecomputer.
thought about this girl Alice that I hung out with on Sunday night and wondered how anyone could put their body through so much stress. (Shes the Kung Fu queen) I wondered how I could put myself through so much stress. At 2am, I started getting extra hyper and restless, and I turned off the TV, and examined the cat, who for once, seemed calm with the whole situation. i swept the floor around the litterbox, and thought that the word "litterbox" would make a good album name. then i realized that someone proly already had used that name. drank water. ate a carrot stick. brushed my teeth. avoided wiping my mouth on the J's sorta stained white towel, and smuggly grabbed some toilet paper instead.
finally took a quick cool shower and plummeted into bed. i passed out right away.

lunch break over.