July 27th, 2001

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i talked with conrad for a good few hours again last night. its amazing how hot my cell phone gets against my head, and also how many times it can cut out in such a short period..and then look for service, flirt with analog roam, and finally flop on its back into digital mode, only to up and bite me into analog roam after i dial again. lamo.

During our conversation/phone frustrations/ i watched two movies: Once were warriors, on IFC, and Crossing Delancy on NY55. I was sorta hoping to hear Once were warriors but alas...it was that "talking during the movie" show, when the director chats about each scene and the actors and such. just as well, since i was supposed to be listening to Conrad and all.

So yeah, we chatted, and its interesting cause im not a phone person. the last humanoid i talked with for so long was Sin. i think i mentioned this before somewhere. shes been emailing me lately too. i miss her. what a sexy gal.
shito..its 9am. i never get far into these things when i have to quit. damn work!

BIG thank you---s!!

To west: thanks for lunch :)
To randee: thanks for the RED desert and project support. the chill pill was a lot to swallow :)
To Alan: (i need your email address to send youa personal message): thank you for the project support! props on the RED AND BLACK balloons!! :)
To Morris: hon! thanks for EVERYTHING! (red bears are cute!) The ring size is perfect..and of course, thanks for the project support!!

i am so grateful for all of you! i feel like my words are not enough. not heartfelt in some way, but perhaps english isn the most humble language. i dont know.

hugs to all!!!!