July 30th, 2001

time for a phone line

ok, its time for a phone line...
if im uploadind at 8k/ sec...thats just as fast as earthlink, right? maybe not.
but 50$. month for a phone line, with free earthlink for a month..
and then that trial aol for 700 minutes...
its cheaper and proly the same speed as this crazy kinkos shit connection.
at least they are playing natalie merchant.
yes, yet again im at kinkos. its 8:30 am. another monday. woohoo.
no matter how bored i am with my job, i have to realize that at this point i really have a good thing going. on the 15th, ill have vacation time and health benefits. i have an ok salary. im getting by. i cant imagine what else id be doing right now, except waiting on tables or something.
im thinking of taking some other job though, a couple time s week to save money to move out. something meaningless, like at a coffee shop or something. put that all into the apartment fund. guess i should start looking around.

its hard, because i have the free time i love right now. its hard to give that up. i could work at some little joint though a few times a week...maybe on a weekend. hmmmm
what do you think?