August 2nd, 2001

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i cant believe it! Jeramy just wont stop barging into my room whenever he feels like it! I had the worst time trying to get to sleep last night, due to the fact that my room was hot and my mind was starting to wake up after being dead for a few hours...
in any case, yeah, it was 2:20am...and he decides to barge in: "what the hell was that note about...!!!" blah blah
see, hes attacked me with this note, on top of the rent money saying:
1. im taking 5$ from the rent.
2. why didnt you gove me back the 5$ extra i gvae you for it?
3. some of us need more assistance than others basically, im somehow supposed to be feeling sorry for his plight, or something)

The truth of the matter is, he was short on the rent. i distinctly rememebr him saying...can i get you back for 3$, cause i dont have quite enough. plus he ownes me 25$ from last months rent!...

so he barges in there all pissed at the note i wrote back stating he was full of shit...
and i have to argue with him for 10 minutes, and finally, he rememebrs being short on the rent again this month..not paying more than his share., like he had claimed. i was so mad.
what right does he have to just break in on me anhtime he feels we have to TALK RIGHT NOW. Its MY room!!!!

I cant wait to move out. he pisses me off with his lack of respect and his lack of motivation to get another job to pay for his half of the apartment.

in reply to the replys on the last update...

we pass notes because he is NEVER home anymore. i think he comes home about 3 nights a week..and then after im asleep. thats why the notes. its lame. i hate it.

anyways, might think that 25$ is petty..but multiply that times the time left...4...thats 125$ total..and when yur me, trying to save every penny, at this point..
living off of 300$ every 2 weeks, with most of that going towards credit card bills...25$ is a substansial chunk, ya know?

its more about him being responsible and not being a jerk or taking his feelings over poverty out on me. i cant help him there.