August 3rd, 2001

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well, he didnt come home last night. i awoke, opened my door, and his cat attacked my leg with a fury. i noticed the kitty was out of water and food. i yelled at the cat, since i was annoyed and poured some water. i left the food bowl empty, cause i sorta wanted Jeramy to realize his cat was hungry when he got home. in any case, i got out of the shower and Ifrit bit me on the leg.
this cat is pissed.

i had a fun night. hung out with adam and mandy in their PHAT pad. they are living in Lou Diamond Phillips old place up- uptown on Central PArk west. its soo beautiful and huge. im so jealous. everyone seems to be scoring these rad apartments and im so sad that im going to have to either figure out a way to work some overtime here, or take another job. (seeing at half an hour of overtime is 12.50..and 2 hours at a a coffee shop is that much..overtime here sounds more reasonable) i got really sad for the first 10 mioniutes i was there. they both have a plan. mandy is going to open a daycare center,and adam is doing well catering and is starting to move up in his company already.
im thinking: what do i have going on? absolutely nothing. dead end job, lame roomate, broke, debt, not a clue as to what the hell i should be doing. looking at apartments 30 miniutes from manhattan...i hate not being grounded. i hate not having the plan. but yeah, i tried not to think about it and in the end, i had an ok night. we watch back to back start trek2 and then3. Gotta love old Kirk movies. made phish food ben and jerrys floats, and a HUGE bowl of fresh popcorn. mandy and adam are too cute. ah, to be in love and enjoy it and not be jaded. hmmm...

i need some direction. i need to feel like im doing something in the world. im so unsatisfied.