August 6th, 2001

fabulous girl

mm mm mm , i met this fablous woman on Saturday. Her name is Sue. Shes italian. shes a packaging shes all obsessed with how the perfume bottles spray, how the soap bottle feels in your hands...the packaging on lipstick. that sort of thing. I met her at the Roxy. She was standing watching the dancefloor, in that little black tank top, with a white barcode across the chest. i though she had the greatest arms. anyways, she walked to the back of the club and i was bummed that id lost my nice view. i danced witht he friends for a bit and then left on a walk-around with elaine. checking out the girl scene...and there she was, relaxing on one of the couches. I stood over her, and she looked up. i looked away. i wasnt sure if i was ready to throw myself on her, but i wanted to. oh yes. so elaine and i walked back down to the dancefloor. she gave me hell. what i wimp i was!! so, after about 10 minutes, i decided fuck it..whats the worst that could happen? she'd tell me she was taken, or "get away"...something. id had a few drinks. i was brave. so i went up there, and said, hi, im lisa...i noticed you standing over by the wall earlier, and i just wanted to say hello. she got a huge smile on her face and said "sit down" patting the seat next to her/ "im so happy you came over to say hello," she says. and it went well from there... we didnt dance much, just talked, but after walking around and meeting her brother we sorta spent a little quality time making out. hmm. we exchanged numbers and the said, "i simply have to take you out for dinner"
so...wish me luck.

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splish to the pool.
i have to pee too.

all this water. so little time.
the phone is ringing and im not going ot answer it.
1 hour of over time. i have to to do this more often...
make some money.