August 23rd, 2001


i have not heard anything from Dad, which is a good thing. (That whole no news is good news). I think I'll probably give him a call tonight and check up on things...that is if I can get through. He's in the chatrooms so much these days, its impossible. I was hoping it was a phase. (Remember all the drama his internet-ing created last December). I guess not!

I had THE BEST time last night. I decided to go out and see what Bob was up to. My friend Patrick was singing at the Cafe Right Bar on Kent and Broadway, in Williamsberg, so I toodled on over there. As luck would have it, Bob was with all his buddies. I know Ellen and I've met a couple other of the kids, but for some reason I just didnt have anything to say. I flipped around the toy cars on the table, and flicked the yellow lighter on and off. I even watched as Ellen stole the baby lighter in the car and tried to playfully blackmail Bob out of afew bucks for the information on where it was. (Alas, I got threatened with a kick in the shins [playfully of course] and nothing came of it!)
We heard Patrick playing. Bob went in, and I stayed out and listened to Louisa be cute for a while a then I meandered inside for a brief moment before taking off for the night. And guess who was there! Oh, my boy James. I was pretty surprised. I wasnt expecting to see him at all. I playfully punched him on the shoulder and said hello and pretty much spent the next 3 hours talking to him, with some brief distractions from Amy (who might be hooking me up with an apartment in the East Village)Bob and his beer, Amy's friends, Louisa, Ellen, and the bartender chic. (BTW, this bartender chic was good. She'd pre-pour the beers and hand them to you as she asked if you'd like another what is one to do when its right there? I only had one more than id planned, so its all good.

Anyway, we talked and talked and flirted and then he decided to "escort me home". Unfortunately, he had a bike and i needed to take a car, and the bus wasnt running. its difficult to take a big bike ina taxi, so we walked around and then decided that i should go to Northside car service and catch a ride. We walk all the way there, up to one block away, and all the time i want to just grab him and kiss him. Then I blurted it out:
If I grabbed you and kissed you suddenly, would you kiss me back?
He says: definately...
so we lean up against the wall...but for some reason I started laughing...and it was so well lit, so I suggested we go on an adventure. And where does lisa always go? The abandoned pool!!!
To make a long story short we snuck in and made out like 18 year olds for an hour. too fun, and completel kitchy.
in any case, i have some pictures of him for you....because i took some footage on saturday and completely didnt remember doing it until 2 nights ago, when i downloaded footage off my camera. haha!
so i have some stills.
i also have a sorta date on Friday.
Too bad hes leaving town for good to Champagne, IL on Sunday. I like that though. All the sparkley stuff and none of the "what do we do now..its been a week?"

too bad hes leaving.