August 24th, 2001

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i completely passed out about half an hour after I got home. I had big plans to pick up my room, sweep, and scrub down the bathroom shower. and instead, i decided to rest my eyes and listen to some music
just for a second, mind you...just to rest a minute. but then, all of a sudden, it was 10pm and JEramy was screaming at me. banging on my door. Why had the cat eaten all his treats? Well, because 2 days before he'd left them out on the counter, and ifrit had jumped up and eaten them all. they seemed safe in the bag. how was i supposed to know i was supposed to give him a few and then put them away. there wasnt a note or anything. in any case, i got blamed for the cat eating all his special kitty treats. then i got yelled at because the cat didnt have any water...which i guess was my fault. i put water in the bowl the morning before, but then last night i was out, and then like i said, i passed out righ tafter i got home. but yeah, another yelling match.
but later, for some reason, things mellowed out and i decided to watch these home movies my dad sent to be in VCD format. They were terribly boring..not many shots of me or mom, but lots of ground and flowers and blurry text plaques next to statues that you couldnt read anyways. i invited jeramy in to watch them with me, and he enjoyed the little tiny clips of 10 year old lisa. then he proceeded to give me a back run, head scratch AND a foot rub. Kissed me goodnight and went to bed.
suddenly it was 6:45am. I was exhausted. I guess I got too much sleep this time.

desparately searching..

ok, im looking for a toy. ill try to describe it..
its old school.

its eliptical in shape long..(like a cylinder, but its eliptical and clear with plastic colored top and bottom)
full of water. and had buttons you pushed to scoot the little rings or balls inside around to get them through the shoots, or tunnels.
does this make sense? do you know what im talking about?
im DESPARATLEY searching for one of those. what are they called??
i need it by today. :(