August 28th, 2001

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Tim has invited to me stay at his place for a few days to clear my head of this whole extravagant cliche movie script. I am to call him today after work to discuss the options. We met up after work yesterday in the East Village. We both have been experiencing profound thoughts and needed to exfoliate the layers, lay them out on the table like a thin transparent skin. He refilled his coffee, and read from my journal, but only a little.
There is noone in the world I can talk to better than Tim. I would be a different person without him. We have such a way of absorbing and returning energy so that that no matter how much one of us gives, it is always bounced back in a new and enlightening way.
He misses Amber, but he does not know how to handle his affections, as he is on the opposite coast from her now and for at least a year to come. I sense the restlessness that I love in him, and I know exactly what will happen.

I was very sick when I returned home at 11pm. My body was rejecting my medication in deliberate and uncomfortable ways. I lay down, feverish, and nauseous, and unable to get the Coldplay album out of my head. I flipped over to consider a few pages of "Henry and June", but the phone rang. I could not imagine who it could be, besides perhaps Jeramy. I eyed the number on the caller ID, and found it to be restricted. I felt a twinge.


"Hello, where have you been? Why all the funny music?"

"Im listening to know, your favorite singer.

"No, no, on your voicemail. Every time I try to call you, I get the strange music. Why dont you answer your phone? I even came over to say goodbye to you at 4am last Friday! Where were you?"

"You came over here at 4am?" (SURPRISING!)

"Yes, I wanted to say goodbye before I left town. I had to get away."

"I was at the Nest" (attempting to seduce James, or perhaps he was seducing me! It was still early.)

After talking for 20 minutes, his phone begins to die and I reluctantly make a date for 7:30 on Wednesday.

"Send me more pictures, ok? Will you email me tomorrow? Please? "

I sigh. He doesnt deserve it.

I tried to ask him why he stood me up, but i only remember him apologizing, and being slippery, and yet having some sort of excuse. I warned him he had no chances left.

Suddenly, Domenic has jumped into the waterfall. Sink or swim?

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some pizza was aquired from a spanish pie shop down the street. the space is almost always deserted, except by a few suited people who probably didnt know any better than eat there on their way through the area.

I like the fact that noones in there. I like the fact that the food is cheap. I especially enjoy that none of the food is priced by the pound.

My stomach is revolutionizing digestion with little flip flops. I hope I dont throw up everything again like I did last night.