September 5th, 2001

Domenic's reply

The previous post was, in fact, my email to Domenic.

he replys:
You can't trust a man what's made of gas. You should have come with me to the cookout,that way I wouldn't have failed...Domenic

I am stunned silent.

(no subject)

lunch is almost over. sometimes i wonder where the days go. i cant complain about my life draining away at work though, because i would rather it drain away the workday hours.

Tonight, ill be taken out to dinner by my boss and his wife. We are going to the East Village and I'm a little nervous, since we'll all be in business wear and..well, you know how the East Village is..all bohemian and such. Its not so much the dress, but the restaurants. I think my boss is used to more formal environments. We'll see how it goes. His wife does not speak a word of English. Yes, interesting.

After that, I have a lead on a apartment! Im going to go check it out. Im not going to say too much for fear of jinxing things. Ill keep you updated.

i need chocolate...