September 10th, 2001

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interesting comment about the curve balls. id be surprised if most people weren't in and out of the whole "do i want a night...or do i want more?" dilemma. you tell yourself you want one thing, and then you decide you want something else. I go with the flow...fret for a day, and then move on. fret more, get excited,get dissapointed, get happy. am i that different? maybe i just like to keep my life interesting. keeps my mind off of work.

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what a strange weekend! Once again, I did not sleep in my bed. I needed to escape the vibes of the apartment. Luckily, I have good friend like Wil who like napping buddies. We make a little slumber party of it with pizza bagels, boy talk, and plenty of facial products. On Sunday, we met with this graphic designer kid who is going to develop our logo for the production company. Oh, did I tell you? I'm going to be doing PR event planning for a new party production company! Well, we're just starting it. Scott, me, and Wil. More on that later. But I will say that our first event is in November: a benefit for a civil rights group defending the rights of gay people and athiests in the boy scouts. I need to scedule some space walk throughs over lunch. Im so excited. We are all hoping we can make this take off and then quit our day jobs.

I have more important things to say, but I must get to work. It seems I needed to scour through some smaller stuff to finally get to the grit and now my time is up.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, I didnt bother with Domenic. (High fives self...)


i could punch through my computer screen...scream..even kill. i hate kinkos. HATE. Like, i just want to take a missle launcher and act on a personal secret vendetta of death and destruction. you would think i would be able to upload 7 simple pictures and 2 web pages..but NOOOOO
i sit int here for 1/2 an hour...waste my lunch and 7 bucks. the computer eats my credit card..then it wont accept my zip disc, then yahoo cant find my email. then the computer hangs up. then the computer wants some other disc... then it eats my credit card again..
i got nothing done. Im seething. Absolutely ready to kill anyone who talks to me in the next half and hour.
so pissed.

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new york has me beat tonight. hanging. clawing, crying in the rain. I didnt get my apartment. Now I have to start over. Im trying to get onto THey seem to have lots up there for grabs and I saw a Carroll Gardens apartment that I REALLY want.
I received the rejection call at 8pm, and jumped back on the train into the city, so i could come here, to the internet cafe and log onto this the bus is late...30 minutes late. then the train is stopped for half an hour due to congestion. i finally get here and the line is out the door. i wait wait wait.
then i get on the computer and the site wont even load. im going to cry. just plain cry. why am i here? i cant even call any leads tonight. i just couldnt wait. im so scared im just not going to find a place. what the hell am i going to do? im freaking out!
and yet, its only september. i have 3 months to find an apartment. but im going crazy right now in my place. its so horrible. im pulling my hair out and i hate new york tonight.

watch this journal rant not even load, or something