September 13th, 2001

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im listening to reports of arabic dicrimination. i am sickened. a schoolbus of muslin children was stomed in australia. what the fuck? abusive calls to moscs (spe;lling...i know..)
we are no better than these terrorists if we terroize innocent people. we do not need to start inner conflict in this country. this is what Bin LAden wants. i am so sad today.

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between the radio blaring scariness and the mountains of work and customers wondering where the hell their stuff burned out and tired. Jeramy says he will be home tonight, and im so happy that i dont have to go to someone elses house for the night. ive not been able to be alone since the crashes. it will be good to lean on someone who needs to lean on you.

i dont have much to say. im just drained.

we are going to make pasta and rest.