September 14th, 2001

(no subject)

the dsl connection in the office is down, soi did not have a chance ot get online all day..
im at tims now. we went and had a drink. hes washing dishes right now, and searching for a JEff Buckley album. The girls asked if I was styaing over and tim put his arm around me and saud hell yes. so, thank the lord, i dont have to go back to brooklyn, although i was intending on dong just that.

i love my tim. how nice is it so have your best friend in the city? especially at a time like this.

emails: thank you for all the thoughts and heartwarming forwards. i usually dont like forwards, but at a time like this, its all good. dont get too used to it though!! :) so, yeah, i have strengthening american emails...and several french emails asking me for nude pictures. intersting.