September 17th, 2001

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back to work with a slight fever. its my own damn fault. Another weekend as a gypsy.
After Saturday night, my body was ready to kill itself. I awoke at Conrad's place freezing cold, with my cell phone ringing. Omar was having a house-warming/ birthday party...
but i was already destined to search for apartments. It was Wil calling, to wake my hung-over ass up. I spoke in low, growly, congested tones. I felt horrible knowing that I wouldnt be able to make it. The day before, I'd PROMISED Omar I'd be there. Wil tried to convince me, and I was convinced, except for the fact that with all the drama around here, it would be impossible to get from Park Slope to Hoboken and back in less than 3 hours. If I'd been at home, I'd have gone, at least for an hour.
Apartment hunting was more important, and I started that trek later in the day after scrambled eggs, a short nap, and and an hour session of The Beatles Revolution. The cost of moving is going to be terrible, and I might be asking for some donations. I hate doing that though. So, we'll see what happens. I'm doing my best to get moved out by the end of the month and financially by myself...
but it is my birthday in less than two weeks, so I feel that maybe i can sorta ask and relate it to my birthday. What do you think? (At this point Lisa hides, cause she feels more like a gypsy than ever!) Even 5$ would be helpful at this point. I can also hint that perhaps with a little help, Ms LisaG might have a cam up in a few weeks. Think about that.

Friday night was spent at Tim's place. His housemates work across the street at this little Italian bar/restaurant. We stopped over for a drink and some free (DELICIOUS!!) bread with italian butter. MMMM. Amber called earlier in the night (Amber is his long distance woman, who lives in Eugene, OR) and so he dissapeared and I sleepily watched the beginning of Labyrinth and the middle of this French flick....
The Americans did it over. ITs about the French guys who back in time andhave to get back to their era. Anyway, it was the original version. Kooky and funny. A nice break from the dramatized and disturbing newcasts. A quiet night overall. Some neighbor came over and I was too sleepy to talk, so I turned in just passed 1am. The bed was chilly and I was happy when Tim turned in. Boys are such great heaters.

Going to see an apartment after work today, around 7pm. Oh,the search is definately on. Meanwhile, I try and work. Its easier today, although my immediate boss seems pretty upset. Cynthia JUST arrived, an hour late. The trains are awful. The radio plays music and American nostalgia, so there are no blaring, alarming news reports to cloud my concentration.
Now, if I was only feeling healthy. But, like I said, thats my fault for being a gypsy!

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i am getting sort of delirious. i think im hot, but im freezing. gotta love it.

my co-worker sent me an email american flag. my friends have the best one of all in their window: an american flag with a peace sign where the stars usually are. im all about it.

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leaving for the evening. cant wait to sleep. my head is soo hot!
dropping by brooklyn heights to check out an apartment first, though. then home.

there is still smoke rising from THERE.