September 19th, 2001

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does anyone know the procedure for aquiring a bank loan? i mean a 50k$ loan. Would someone like me be able to do that to start a small business?? Like to start say a camming project?
I did a confessional on tape this morning expressing my exasperations, and also the need to get this chugging.
The WTC tragedy makes it all too obvious that life is short.
I need to somehow scratch together money.

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sorry my site is down. Wotty seems to have been hit with the Nimba virus. Our office too! We cant check our office email until things get fixed. if its not one thing, its another.
anyone else have nimba problems?
how does one "Create" a virus, anyway?

address for anything

FDR Station
POB 7770
New York, NY 10150

Thats the address where you can help Lisa. Ive gotten several emails, so here's a mass posting, so to speak. For those you who have already helped me out, im completely in your debt. From equipment to money, to hot tamales... nothing would have happened for me here in NYC without you! I will get back online. I will chat again!

Im sorry my current site is down. More sorry for Wottrod, (another viewer who is donating his server for my site)who is dealing with the virus. I am sending off some videos later today to be I hope that I will be able show you those. I have a whole website more of them that ive been collecting on my desktop! I will be returning my old boss's camera to him this week.