September 20th, 2001

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my fingers cannot type any faster. I have so many people to email! its nutz. Scrambling to get information for this and that project idea. number crunching. and i need your help. im posting a survey up on the club board:

If you have a chance, can you check it and email me with your answers?
i will love you forever. not that i wouldnt anyway, but you know.

the rain pours like so many sheets of shredded company documents.

the apartment i saw last night ROCKED OUT! Im hoping that its not taken by tonight. The location could be better, but its in an ok neighborhood and only a 10 minute walk to the F. So, yeah, it could be better, but its certainly an improvement from where I am now. And the PLACE! It kicks boootttaay. I have much to think about involving the new place and the evolution of my little project. without this, id be completely bored today. I have nothing to do again at work. I really hate that. I even had time to enter my current chemical stock into the 800 different sales charts my new boss has asked me to complete every month. Sales are terrible. I feel bad in advance for my poor boss who will have to explain why we're not even 20% of goal. Eeek! Sometimes I like being a lowlife. I dont want any responsibility here. its better that way.
At this point, I need to prepare. Ive been eating hot soup, and now I face biting into a chilly pear thats been sitting in the fridge. I dont know about you, but when I face this senario, I know that my teeth are going to get all sensitive and painful. Wish me goes...

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it should not be allowed that i have NOTHING to do from 2pm-5pm at work. lame.
and im really tired of these speech/bad pop song compilations on Z100. Like, im all in support of things...but dont overplay these bad little numbers. Nice the first 1-3 times..but now..
once an hour for each one! im ready to die. im really paying attention too, since theres not much else to do. Ive been sneaky, trying to catch up on emails n stuff.

The company president just emailed me stating that company trips should be cancelled. So its up in the air as to whether i will be in Ohio at the beginning of October. Wont miss the tradeshow, but I was planning on seeing this friend of mine that ive not seen for about 4 years. oh well. shes proly an ax murderer now anyways. God knows I am.

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at my upstairs neighbors place. THEY seem to be able to get a phone line. im sooo annoyed. verizon is charging me 80 bucks again for sending out the repair service...and they didnt even come!! im soo annoyed.
its hot in here. i have my sweatshirt unzipped. good thing i have a bra on. i wouldnt want to scare the neighbors. they dont care.
we all had tea and talked with great apprehension about an email Lee got about the terrorists attacking again on the 22nd. i hope not. its one of those know? you dont REALLY believe a chain mail...but what if?
i dont want to think about it too much.
sweet dreams.