September 21st, 2001

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new site pages up. the links will work when the movies are uploaded and converted (over the weekend). Am i a tease, or what?I know the pics are fuked up right now. Leave it to kinkos to corrupt my yahoo picture attachments from the zip disc. Like, how can that possibly be corrupted? yeah, kinkos. thats the only way. so. im going to try and email them again to wotty after work. how frustrating! I also know there are glitches in webpages...the newly archived pages were too large to paste into simpletext, so thats why. i do know, and as soon as i can fix things, i will!!

huge stir in the office

oh yes. its 4pm. that means Au Bon Pain baked goods are 1/2 price!! All the office is astir as Gail and Angela make a list of requests and people hand off money. Gail says shes going to call me from Au Bon Pain to tell me what they have cause we are splitting something. Oh wait! My boss is treating! I love this job. I love office distractions. I can take them as an excuse to jump online. A good waste of 15 minutes talking about danishes and cinnimon rolls. Of course all the girls talk about how they SHOULDNT eat. We all have gym memberships. None of us have been to the gym in a few weeks. (spank me baby. ive been busy.) The fat wins the war today!

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im outta here!!!
with a free cinimon roll.

my coworkers have to stay! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
OK what goes around comes around, so i wont gloat.
Im meeting Bob Smith outside the building. You know him from my new orleans pictures. My girl Jessica's ex boy. He sick, so I dont we'll party too hard. ok, i need pigtails before i meet up.
love to all!