September 26th, 2001

he called!

the guy with the tie called, and asked me to go to the Full Monty with him tonight! Im so there!!! We're meeting after work for a bite, since we both slave in midtown anyway. Show starts at 8pm. The tickets were a gift from his work for his birthday. guess when that was? September 11th!! Poor thing!!!

Still dont know how old he is...

Two birthday thank yous!!!

1. Miss R_Lu: Thank you soo much for the Sonic toy!! ITs the BEST thing ever. I opened it on the bus and squealed with delight so much that people turned around to look at this strange squealing girl!!! Not only can I play with my very own pump toy (remember that one I was looking for for JAmes??) but I can wash my hair with pineapple flavor SONIC shampoo!! (YEah, like Sonic from Dreamcast!!) OMG!!! aaahahahahha!!

2. Morris: Yum!! Thank you thank you! He sent me this Vegetarian asian cuisine cookbook. I am sooo excited to try this stuff ASAP. I dont have a far east cookbook yet, and thats my favorite food group. You rock bomb diggidy!!!!

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OMG!! Im nervous! me-nervous!!
i feel like i dont look half as good as i did on saturday. i need to brush my teeth. i need makeup. eieieieieie
its time to change into jeans. oh oh oh
wish me luck!!!