October 10th, 2001


So I get off of work and head over to the loft to drop off money for Miss S. (You did get it right??) Im still in too much pain to do much painting or cleaning, for that matter. I gaze about my room and do some more thinking. But I know that im only putting off the inevitable. I need to call Lance. Yup, one last time. I call his cell and get the voicemail, as usual. Im all nervous. Bsically I apologized if he thought I blew him off on my birthday and of course, Id love it if he called, but if not see ya.

Then I had this feeling like I should call his home phone. I did. He picks up. Im thinking..wow, I get him in person. Must be my lucky day. We talk for about 10 minutes. Hes making dinner: bowties and prego. I tell him about the message I left on his cell phone. He apologized profusely for not calling. Apparently he got really sick the night of my birthday, later that night and ended up passing out over at a friends place. (Happy Birthday, BTW, he says...I even have a card for you! Not a belated card, but one I got to give you that night. I had it in my bag...[HOW SWEET!!!]) Hes been sorta sick and recovering ever since. I dont buy that as a a wholey valid excuse, but he seemed to believe it, so I let it slide. In any case, he asked if he could call me later this week. OF course, I said SURE! So yay! Oh and I asked him how old he was, since his bday was right before mine. Hes 28. Perfect. He thought I was 26. Alas.

On another note, Im one of those 73% of New Yorkers worried or very worried about another terrorist attack in the city. Especially on the transit systems. I am so happy when I step out of the subway. I want to live a long happy life. I at least want to go out with Lance this weekend. Dont bomb until after that!!

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ok, i am totally obsessed with the work of Mr. Barrett. You remember that RAD bedframe that i should have stolen from here and now but didnt..so some goofball got it?
that was a Mr. Barrett Original. im soo obsessed. im going to fill my room (SLOWLY, since its expensive) with his stuff.
OBSSESSED. Im going to get my bed back! I still have the table.