October 11th, 2001

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we have a half day in the office instead of a company outing. Lunch is on the bosses at this expensive little seafood restaurant down the street. Then we're off to St. Patricks Cathedral to have a few moments of silence on this, the month anniversary of the tragedy.

I have taped a stuffed bear from the Poly conference in Columbus Ohio to the top of my computer. He's gray with a little red shirt that reads "Phillips 66 specialty solvents". I hope this bear has a long life. I get jittery every time I read the headlines in the paper. There was an article this morning about the TV broadcasters agreeing to censor Osama Bin Ladens threats and comments. Forgive me if I interpret this incorrectly, but the media is going to censor words from the enemy in the interest of the general USA public? Im confused! I want to know whats happening so I can at least mentally prepare!!
The national guard is posted around at grand central and penn station. Police sirens wail every morning. A third person was diagnoses with Anthrax. Yay. What a fun world.

my high school crush got married!!


sorry for so long.
still trapped in school. i don't think that ther is ever an end here.
swear that it just goes on forever. i've got another year or year and
half here and then some little bit of freedom before i go to work for
big money grubbing company. maybe i'll just take over gates position
when i
leave and have nothing to worry about except how to spend all of my
i could get over the ethical debate on developing microsoft programs

now that i'm married though, things are a lot different at college.
especially, i would guess, at byu. classes seem easier and there is
time to spend doing the things i actually want to instead of hanging
with people i'm only marginally interested in and pretending to enjoy
it. i
think i'm actually taking on a bit of a less cynical view of college

how is everything with you? where are you working? what are you
tell me what you're up to.

i cant belive it...he didnt even mention anything about it!! he must have just met this woman recently...or maybe not. im in shock. totally. didnt invite me to the wedding...didnt make any mention of dating anyone. im in shock.
cant breathe. i think the only thing worse is when i learn that my first love Myk is married. ill throw up.