October 15th, 2001

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ok, this weekend was REALLY crazy. Im not kidding. My head is still burnt. (Well, thats from a certain magic cookies that I munched last night)
A sardine on the subway this morning. I think the guy on the chair below where I was standing though I was a freak. I caught myself staring at his graying hair for no particular reason. It took real effort to focus my attention on the LensCrafters ads. That and with someone briefcast poking into my leg, and someone farting, I must chalk this subway ride up as a 3 out a perfect 10.

New Bruswick was fabulous, actually. My friend Bob rocks out. Its refreshing to see motivation in todays youth. I dont mean that in a presidential sorta way. I just know so many 20 somethings that arent in school. dont have a job. have a sucky job, and complain about it and then dont do anything to better their situation. This guy, on the other hand fully values his continuing college education, actually pays his bills on time, and is generally conciencious and appreciative of the world around him. Yeah, its good. Plus he's a complete sweetheart. I think ive just run into so many "im strugging, but im doing nothing about it except complaining" people....
I definately need more Bobs like that in my life. I guess they dont all have to be named bob.

Im having a hard time forming a story that makes sense. At least to me.

So yeah, we went to see "Ill never tell" Its horrible. Dont see it unless you have good company. Then it was off to the Edison Diner for some Eggs bendict. Since im on a ratings system this morning, ill give the Eggs a 7 out of 10. Hollandaise sauce should be a little more lemon-y. im picky about that. I met some lawyer assistant (a friend of Bobs) who claims to be able to have some pull with the politicians in New BRunswick. So, if I speed around at 100mph in NB, Im all good. Not that I have a car.
ok, i cant focus. im going to continue this later. god, 2 minutes until i have to work. this is going to be an interesting day.

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i went to the asian market in Korea town saturday morning. the commute from New Brunswick was about an hour, plus i JUST missed the NJ Transit train, so I had an hour to waste in NB. The wait slipped by quickly. The sun was shining. Silver trains were speeding by at fabulous speeds, and almost silently. I understood why some kid might play on the tracks and get hit. We always had these pamphlets passed out in elementary school discouraging goofing around on train tracks and in canals. (Farming..these canals near my house were about 12 feet wide and 15-20 feet deep. Runoff from fields...pesticides, cow manure..yuck..but every year, there was a death from some kid drowning) Anyways, though, after this commute, it was almost 11:30 and my stomach was rumbling. I decided the most cost effective thing i could do for the week was stock up on udon noodles, green onion, rice, and sea weed. So, for 12 bucks I have food until next sunday. And the reason I told this story is im having fresh udon noodles right now in a miso broth and im very happy...and also i left off on the new jersey Friday night/ saturday morning thing.

ok, yes, so im on my way home from the korea town market. exhausted. i passed out from 1:30 until 5pm. When I awoke, I was in immediate need of entertainment. i called wil.
Left a message. "Wil honey, call me and entertain me. I need you"

We met at this cute little old man gay bar called Cleos. Im not in the place for 10 seconds when this little gay man starts in
OMG are you a model..and actress? You must be an artist.

I told him im on the net. Nothing too fabulous.

You;re in porn?

(Wil laughs, and we both say no. Wil says..she does this reality thing, and then scoots off to the table)

I helped invent the internet, actually.



Wow, thats great. You want a beer.


I love silly, uninformed people. He continued to try and get me and Wil to sit next to him, but we took our free beers and sat in the corner, waiting for Mario to arrive.
When Mario did arrive, it was all drama. Hes broke, you see, but hes not supposed to be. We drowned out the sorrow of no money with lots of free bar popcorn and took off to Brooklyn for this party of a friend of a friend of a friend.

It was a small crowd at 11:00, but somehow 3 Budweisers later, all these random people were talking to me, and it was just as well, since thats whats supposed to happen at a party. There was an english dude lamenting his gray hair. A chunky boy lamenting about he still got carded at 30. There were a few other blurry faces that said a lot of unimportant bits on this and that. Typical party fare. I was extremely happy to be out, and with Wil and Mario, extra happy.

I looked across the room to see a VERY hot boy. That caught my attention, but also I noticed he was standing by himself and Id not talked to him yet. (and at this i must digress as I suddenly remembered that these two jazz musicians from oberlin showed up...the kind of people you "see around" and say hey to, but dont really know...so we said "hey whats up? and kissed on cheek and said "where are you in NYC? and hows life and blah blah" and then we took off out separate directions and didnt talk for the rest of the night) So I marched over there and managed to say something that got him talking and we chatted and chatted and my friends took off, (ok, here m. anonymous who LOVES reading about my adventures can get excited)
Oh but yes. hot boy. Filapino (sp?) black spiky hair, rad sunglasses, hot smile. NICE body It definately wasnt the intense sorta Lance thing (who DIDNT CALL ME< bastard..hmph, his loss) This was pretty physical. We took off with his friends to Park Slope. Munched on celery and humus with extra garlic (dont you love this random things I remember) We ended up kissing in the kitchen (17 year old behavior to the end! garlic and all), and when we returned to reality and the living room, noone was there. but a few minutes later, everyone was in the living room and we were leaving. His friend dropped us at the loft. I put on Stacy's Ana Voog CD. I put off the inevidable until the morning. He came in about 3 minutes and apologized profusely. I think he was more embarassed about that than when Stacy and Steven walked in on us. I mean, we were napping at that point, but yeah....
How funny! Yum, what a great body. And here I though I was going on another no sex kick. I agree with Stacy, its a beautiful thing...sometimes.

Lunch grow short and your eyes grow tired. So to make this shorter, Stacy, Steve, Nate, and me spent the whole day walking around china town, eating, getting distracted by sparkley gaudy chandeliers and Rickys. (oh, we have the cool door knob signs. I put up "Heartbreak hotel" to boost my ego" ) Aquired a playstation2 and returned to the loft to relax. Ate half a magic cookie. Took a shower...which was intruded upon by Nate who threw me against the wall before I had the best shower sex yet. Theres nothing like hot water pouring over you while...ok, use your own damn imagination, which i know there is no lack of! Toweled off, much to the relief of Stacy who needed to pee. (I felt a little bad about that)
Flipped on the playstation, and tried out silent hill before putting on a DVD episode of "The Prisoner". The cookie hit.
and im getting bored with my own story..
im just now getting over being high as a kite. this whole morning has been a struggle.