October 16th, 2001

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Two guy types: Hot and flakey (we are not discussing pastries here), or puppy-ish and needy.

I met up with Tim last night to discuss the designing of his website for his band's new album. Frites with sweet chili sauce and garlic mayo. Budweiser. My sonic water pump game. I was supposed to call Nate, since he requested I do so, so around 10pm, I checked up on him and we ultimately decided he'd meet Tim and me. I sorta wanted Tim's opinion. Tim said he'd try not to get jealous. I thought that was interesting, since Ive sometimes in the past been a bit jealous of his ladies. I guess that happens when yur best friend in the city is a guy/ girl whatever. Opposite.

I dont think Nate got any of our jokes. Maybe some, but not too many. Understandable since Tim and I are pretty much on the same page and known each other for so long that no newbie into our world could possibly understand what the hell we are thinking completely. In any event we sat around the Frites joint and then walked Tim to the L train. Nate thought we should go back to his place and relax. It was 12:30, and I warned him I was not going to stay too long. We picked up some gingerale and a piece of chocolate cake. (I was really dissapointed in the cake) Went back to his place. The whole way he vented about his ex in Houston that "ruined" him. Ok...this is NOT what you talk about to the new girl. I was very unimpressed. I tend to mention that I still live with my ex..in case the new boy happens to be at my place. I mention that Im not with my ex..but I dont go into great detail about the saga. You know how it is. And then they try and kiss you as if talking about the ex was a turn on for you.
But yes...so we go back to his place, which is not actually his place. He's a houseguest until he gets moved up here. Fine. We've all been there (THANK YOU STACY AND TERRI AND MARIO!). The matress is on the floor next to a bunkbed. The rest of the carpting is covered in random clothes and randomness that is half unpacked. Apparently, his friend's dad is sleeping next door. I lay down the law. NOTHING is going to happen with anyones parents sleeping next door. Too strange. I felt 17. We listened to different versions of Pachabels cannon in D. He read me some poetry. Talked about how he missed his parents Lexus (let me digress and mention this guy puts A LOT of worth on material possessions. He was VERY impressed by our loft...like too much. He absorbs every car, disses peoples clothing in the street and talks excessively about how he'll be happy when he has the perfect car and apt and clothes and all that meaningless stuff) He held onto me like a child, and kept apologizing for everything and telling me he felt sorta dumb around me. I suddenly felt pityful and motherly...and when that happens...its not good.
So, alas, I must make the mature decision. Although he is FABULOUS in bed (And the shower!)...I can tell that hes really way too damn sensitive and has a lot of something to deal with. The last thing I need to be doing is leading the poor thing on. I can tell he's really looking for a new girl.

I decided whoever I see has to be radder than Tim. Thats going to be hard.

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i am on the phone waiting to talk with the woman hounding stacy and I about rent money. shes pissed. im stressed. she says "we better not have any more trouble out of you ladies"

i assure her she wont. i really wish the brokers hadnt of misinformed us. i dont like starting off like this. i have this huge guilty-responsibility streak in me, most definately from my upbringing. these types of things stress me in the worst ways. the bad boy band music on the radio is not helping.

i drank lots of orange juice this morning. im hoping it will combat the stress and lack of sleep from last night.

im going to try and post my glyphs page up later. let hope kinkos is working today. im not in the mood to fight with it.