October 17th, 2001

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i managed to scrounge together ANOTHER 1000$ to pay for the new apt today. the only thing is i have no idea how im going to pay next months rent. im so stressed out i cant eat. not that i would have money to anyway! hahaha

im supposed to sign the lease today, around noon, so im in the office early to make up the time ill be late from lunch.

i couldnt sleep last night. my eye is twitching.
im ready to cry. this should not be this stressful. i tried to get ot bed early last night, since i only had 3 hours the night before, but my neighbor stove wasnt working so they came and made dinner until 11 pm.

(no subject)

im working late because the noon lease signing appointment went an hour over. i have to pee badly. much decaf. why decaf? because i like it and caffiene makes me nervous and freaked out.

but i like coffee. some people say they can taste the difference, but i guess im not talented like that because i cannot.

Orders for McCormick. you know, the spices you buy: shilling. I sell the flavor enhancer for that. i also sell the raw materials for jet engine lubricant. the same chemical? Ill let you ponder that one.