October 18th, 2001

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4:28 AM-
Im sleeping soundly after collasping at 9:45pm from pure exhaustion. Finally, a good nights sleep! The phone rings. It's a 917 number. Im thinking its Jeramy. I dont want to answer it, but I decide to wait and see if he leaves a voicemail. Im annoyed. I feel suddenly awake and I know that when I finally get back to sleep im going to wake up groggy. The little red light blinks. "New Voicemail" says the green glowing screen. Please enter your passcode...

Hey Lisa, this is Domenic. I hope you arent mad at me. I left on tour with my band and we have been out ofr several weeks. I JUST found you number. PLEASE call me tomorow at this number. PLease. Im leaving to go to Ohio, but Ill be back on Saturday. I really hope you arent pissed.

OMG! What the heck. Is this like call lisa once a month for a date? and then go one one...promise another and stand her up? This would be the third time this happened if I went through with this. I toss the phone down. What the hell?....

I turn over. I think. I try not to think. The phone reings AGAIN! Same number. I dont answer it. Red light blinks. "NEw Voicemail"

Hi Lisa, this is Domenic. I called you 5 minutes ago. PLEASE CALL ME TOMORROW...please call...please call...call me...please.

push 9 to save.

im tired. the alarm went off at 6:30. I barely made it out of bed. I missed the bus. Got to work in time to write. The other assistants are going to the warehouse today to check on damaged stock. Ill be swamped till 5pm with their work.

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mm, lunch break. its not been as hectic as i thought it would be, but then again, as soon as I type that, i jinx myself for the afternoon. its REALLY quiet in here today. Basically me and the receptionist. I put on my "Badly Drawn Boy" CD. I need to listen to something besides J Lo, StainD, and bad boy bands on the pop radio station.

Im wearing my cashmere sweater today. Its amazing how a little piece of this stuff warm and fuzzies you all over. Cold today in NYC. I wore my heavy winter coat and was happy to feel the frisky fall wind on my cheeks at the bus stop. Im ready for winter. I need gloves, but for now, pockets will do. All warm and cozy in the apt with stacy and the playstation playing silent hill.

Nate called last night, as well. Earlier, before I went to bed. He wanted to hang out today. I told him Id call him at work. I havent decided yet. He's a nice guy, but I dont want anything real..so I have to handle this carefully and see if I can gain another friend in the city without obligating myself.

I think Stace and I are going to sit around and play Silent Hill tonight. We need some quality time at our place.

As for Domenic, hes a brat.

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my nose is itching a lot today. does that mean someone is thinking about me (or is that another body part?) or does it mean i have anthrax.

i dont even touch the railing on the escalator anymore