October 19th, 2001

war etc

"Members of the secretive forces were supporting efforts by the intelligence community to undermine the Taliban regime, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The official said military action could increase significantly in the coming days. "

This makes me a bit worried. I guess i am wondering if these "Secret forces" are 100 secret agents going in and doing the "proper" (As if there is such a thing) assassinations/arrests to the humans who are at the center of all of this. However, when any country steps in and "fights" along side one faction in a war (northern allience w/ USA vs. Taliban and WHO?) there is likely to be sides taken by other nations. I worry that these special and secret forces are going to make a mistake, or more ground military is going to get involved and its going to be the US against the Taliban (and allies) instead of the Northern Alliance agains the Taliban.
Any thoughts on this? Maybe im completely off.

However, after reading this article, http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/0,,56-2001363168,00.html
I have to agree that whatever we are going to do, we need to get to it. Im hoping that GB the son (or those who control his strings) are more effective than his father in the Gulf War. Get in, do objective, get out. Or our "military might" means very little.

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we are discussing our UPS man, named Bob. (I know a lot of bobs...) He comes every day to drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening. An every day, he goes into the kitchen each time and swipes a couple juices. I dont much care, but I guess considering we are budgeting our food for the employees, we shouldnt be feeding the UPS man as well. Anyways, little bones of contention like this tie up 5-10 minutes of conversation every day.
I got lectured earlier on leaving my bag out. I guess i can understand that, since i dont want my wallet stolen, but noone really comes through the office unnoticed. Ive been putting my bag under the desk because I have no drawers to put it in, being that the bag is big and the drawers are full of customer paperwork. Id rather have it under my desk that in the front closet. Its right by the door and anyone might swipe it on the way out. (with all the Japanese bosses stealing things and all hahaha)
I missed stacy at the loft last night. Got over there around 8:30 pm and touched up a few walls. Pulled the taped garbage bags off the floor, next to the newly enameled red stairs to enjoy the full effect of red against the factory flooring. The windows were left open, so the air was moving and chilly. Im not sure if thats why I decided I how much i needed a second floor in my room or what, but suddenly I realized that id feel like I was living in a big cave if i didnt create some artificial depth. (I guess the cold air blowing through a big concrete-ish room creates the emptyness. I pondered the 3 different areas where a second floor/ sleep loft might be built and convinced myself that I should build in a different area that I previously decided. Of course the wait for funds to actually start construction will have me re-evaluating this many times. I still have a bit more painting to do, which I'll proly get to tonight, unless a friend calls, which is highly probable.

I was thinking that since im completely broke and have 3$ to live on until Halloween, that I should just lock myself up in my room and video tape the growing insanity. I have lots of video editing to do. Again, its been put off, since i have no way to upload, or the funds to mail the disc to NOX. Lame. Maybe ill go and paint at the loft tonight and then go home and edit. its warmer at the Fort Greene apt anyways.

Speaking of money, I need to go pull out some to pay a couple bills. yay!

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im out!
happy weekend everyone. i need to do laundry this weekend. it is now unavoidable. in every possible way.

noodles for dinner. mmm. im starved.