October 23rd, 2001

(no subject)

sooo tired. silent hill is the evilest game ever.

ive drunk much caffeine, and im nervous yet sleepy. not much work to do today so i am pretending to make things happen. a few papers in front of the keyboard, rustle them and rearrange them. call my voicemail on the cell phone. oh yes, im busy all right.

(no subject)

supposed to go see the new David Lynch flick tonight with one of the boys on the list of boys not to mess with.
Anyone checked it out yet? Something Something Dr.?
Im stoked. My room at the loft is getting to be pretty damn David Lynch. Maybe that should be the goal of my decorating.

Raaarr!! 2 hours left and nothing to do. This job gets me. Im swamped or sitting. Its hard to balance it out. Im still nervous, yet ready to pass out. I brought my swim stuff to the office. Going to hit the pool for half an hour after work. Dont have time for a real workout, but if I can pound out 2000 yards, my conscience will let me alone.

The receptionist is talking nonstop to no one in particular. Nap. please. soon.