October 24th, 2001

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ok. MUCH better TODAY.
sleep does wonders.
yes, i did my laps at the pool and returned home. not 5 seconds after I stepped in the door, I get a call from Domenic. He has to cancel the movie..is he in trouble?...can i do it tomrrow? (which i couldnt cause i had dinner plans)....He didnt sleep at all the night before and is about to pass out. Fine fine. I was really too tired to care with the workout and generally being exhausted. I told him we could reschedule (After all he did CALL TO CANCEL this time!), but on the condition that he call me at work today near the end of the day, otherwise all bets are off. So far, he has been jumping through a few little hoops for me. As long as he does, we're ok. Like I said before,I dont mind if hes in and out of my life, as long as he doesnt waste my time! Anyway, I managed to quickly forget anything about it and pass out around 9pm.

I applied for a Macys evening/temp holiday position this morning. wish me luck.

DL flick

I read up on that article in salon, and i SO TOTALLY HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!

I wonder how it would have turned out as a TV show? Twin Peaks= kinda hard to top.

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i just applied for a telephone customer service job at delias. im looking for something that allows me evening shifts (like 6pm -12am) a few nights a week, and a weekend day. All I can think of are phone rep jobs. (I dont really want to waitress, or im going to get too tired and burned out..plus i dont have any waitress experience as of late) So, I printed out something from Barnes and Noble, and I have a lead from the Village Voice: "Telephone Co. Jobs". I just need to earn some extra money and get ahead of my debt. I could be lazy and slip by, but I HATE having credit cards hanging over my spontenaety. Plus Christmas is coming up and thats the WORST time to have to be stingy. My Mom deserves some nice things this year. I wasnt able to get her anything for Mothers day or her birthday besides cards. So, I really want to get her something nice for the holidays. If anyone has any ideas for evening jobs, besides prostitution, let me know.