October 26th, 2001

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so, i didnt get to see the movie. figures. its ok though. the D did show up, and managed to get sucked in by the video game. Christal from New Orleans arrived half an hour before him. I love that girl. She will be staying with us for an indefinate period of time while she gets herself together. if we need space, she can always stay at my Ft. Greene space, but we seem to all get along, so I think things will be good. i am so happy ive already done the moving-to-nyc push. its so overwhelming, im not sure i could do it again. Christal has a lot going for her. Shes gorgeous, done lots of table waiting and bartending. Shes an excellent DJ: spins house. I think she'll make it. She seems motivated enough. Yay! another female friend int he city. sometimes ya need the estrogen..im telling you!
To make a long and tedious and uninteresting story quite short, Christal, Stacy and I flopped on the bed and Domenic flopped on the futon chair and we all were absorbed into the dillema of silent hill. Domenic was pretty much a smart ass the whole night. I kinda like that, but i wasnt sure how everyone was taking it. We had to break and take a walk to the Fried Chicken place. (we noticed the logo on the front of the store was a chicken ripping its skin off and looking happy about it. very disturbing, especially under the influence of dimented video games!!) The corn on the cob there gets worse and worse. Coleslaw is ok. I was starving. Popcorn and diet coke does not daily nourishment make!! Domenic grabbed some beer. I think he'd been drinking before he came. He doesnt say much when he is drinking, except a lot of smart ass comments, and he hardly talks at all when he's sober. I cant figure him out. I dont feel I can be flirty, and yet, he does come to see me on some more than friendly basis...so I should flirt. He makes me feel as if I shouldnt. So, I hold back..which means that if hes at all interested, he must think im pretty cold. In any event, I think im sorta over him. I mean, what guy comes over to take you to a movie, gets swept up in a video game and 3 hours later passes out for the night in a futon chair. (The answer : a guy who might make a fun pal at some point, but other than that....iek!)I laughed at him this morning as he awoke all grumpy and cramped. I told him he could have stretched out the futon chair into a single bed. He looked up at me through the sunglasses he'd already dawned and growled...cracked his back the loudest ive ever heard a back cracked. I shivered. We walked out into the blustery morning, exclaiming as the wind went down our coats. I wanted to give Christal my keys, or something, but she was still sleeping. Domenic and I didnt say much, except to repeat his grumbles about the chair. When we got the corner of parting ways, I gave him a little hug and he gave me a nice little soft kiss on the lips and said "ill call ya"...which means i have another month before i see him again. just as well. like i said, im sorta over him, and at this point, id rather have the betting pool of when he'll call next. we shall see. i just wish i could read him better. id know better how to act. (Oh, and I snapped some pictures of him sleeping..SO...if i can get the pix to work, you will all know what this crazy boy looks like in his most angelic state!)