October 29th, 2001

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im starting work 15 minutes early, so i will update this sneakily throughout the day.
im exahausted. i have one full time 40 hr job...
and one part time 25 hours job at Pier 1. (Thank you Nat!)
Sleepy Goddess.

I will return later with more info.

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So, yeah, 2 jobs. I took a second job at Pier 1 imports. So, I basically work from 9am until 10pm every weekday. I work 9-5 or 7 on Sundays. I have Saturdays off, but ill proly spend that day sleeping and cleaning and trying to get my new apartment together. This other job is temp holiday help, but depending on my financial situation, ill be extending it for a few more months. I need to get ahead on my bills. so i just need to suck it up for a while. Take the bull by the horns. Im going to completely exhausted and I can already tell that my body is barely holding off some sort of sickness. Ive drunk a ton of water today and some cranberry juice..lots of vitamins. Orange juice is next on the list. Luckily, when I return home at 10:30pm, I can go tot the loft...no waiting for the bus in the cold, and THAT is someething worth celebrating. I cant even begin to tell you have much I was loathing the bus wait last winter. UGha.

I saw Tim last night. Met him at the Cafe Pick me Up on Avenue A. I found a dollar in change to buy a small glass bottle of coke. Tims friend Simon was visiting his girlfriend, and decided to stay up here with her. So, Simon was at the cafe as well. Christal met up with us shortly after. Sometimes good friends are what you really need to cheer you up on a cold, depressing, overworked day. I am grateful that now, after almost a year, I have a tight little circle of people who I know I can depend on, and who can expect the same amount of support and respect from me. Thanks Stacy, Christal, Tim!! I love you!

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running to the other job. meeting Christal downstairs first to give her keys to Ft Greene apt to copy. ill be back at the loft around 11pm, hopefully. zzzzzzz

I hope they train me on the register tonight. im tired of telling customers im inadequete and stupid as a sales associate.