November 7th, 2001

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my flight leaves in 2.5 hours. i heard security in atlanta is more trouble than NYC, so im leaving the conference with plenty of time.

its a bright sunshiny day. i certainly hope NYC greets me with the same vigor. craving cinnabon.
bad lisa. bad.

hung out with my girl alice
her site is under construction, but thats her. we played pool and she wont he best outta three. i was winning while she was eating chicken fingers, but then we startd talking about sex and she finished eating and i started losing. she'll be up in NYC after she sells her place. its easy to get stuck in the south.

anyways, i need to get to the airport.
love and kisses

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home, home at last!
no crazyness. home sweet home.
and i have a dial up connection, which means i can upload pictures and new pages!! yayayya
no DSL yet, but at least i have the dial up, which while sucky, is more than ive had for the past year. im supposed to meet up with Tim tonight at, but im going to try and so a little work before he calls. ..

he JUSt called. looks like hes coming over to the loft. yaya!!
hes not been over here before. this is perfect because now i have time to do work AND i can go to bed early so i can get up and hit the pool before work. i really need to get back to exersizing. i feel like a log.

yeah, so im going to go charge up my computer and make sure its still working and then ill be able to post up some pictures of the loft tonight!! (if this machine has fetch...we will see)
ok, ill be back later.