November 9th, 2001

(no subject)

i cleaned my desk and the clorox wipe was lemoney and brown with a month or two of grime. i just dont think about these things. Angela cloroxes her desk every day. i figured since my boss has the chicken pox, i should do a little, myself, but im not THAT obsessed. i dont think its good to clorox every day anyway.

4 hours of pier 1 before i head off for the weekend. its amazing, but there are no good dinner places open in the immediate 5th and 15th st area. the salad bar on the corner had moldy bagels and cranberry juice with popped tops for god sakes.
ooo! i get paid tonight. im all bout fresh bagels tonight, baby.
i drank much coke. i feel delerious. and full of carbonation.