November 14th, 2001

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my boss, kohei, just handed me a mac warehouse catalog (because,as he says..i would NEVER use a Mac!)

at the this point the catalog is wet with love. AS IF I can possibly work with this temptation relaxing on my desk!

Airports, cables, scanners, cameras...
(insert "aaagggr" sound with Homer Simpson face, tongue hanging out, and drooling)

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i have to STAY OUT of sports stores! I went to pick up some goggles at Sports Authority and I felt like buying half the place. Between seeing all the stuff ive wanted to buy for so long, and 35$ burning an unusually painfully hot hole in my pocket (when you have a little money after being poor for so long..thats how it goes) it was hard to show restraint. But I did. I bought the goggles i originally went in for, and a cool looking purple flourescent jumprope...something ive been wanting for a while when its too cold to jog outside (the jumprope, not requiring the purple part), or i just need to do a quick 10 minutes energizer. Other items on the equipment list include hand paddles (add surface area and friction your hands when you swim, so your arms work harder and pull more water) weights (im always focused on endurance, so i want some heavier weights to improve my actual strength, flippers (for kick workouts), and some sorta of abdolly /toner contraption, because although i do lots of flip turns in the pool and jog and stuff, i still need something to tone the tum, and i hate crunchers with a passion.

All this in good time. I am happy to know i have working goggles and my rope for now.

So, I had a really nice date with a really nice guy on Monday night. We met at the "Cafe Pick me up". I sounds suggestive, but its a cool little coffee/ dessert place on Avenue A. I think the pick me up part has to do with the coffee aspect of things, but who knows. But, yeah, hes nice, intelligent and seems interested (rather than horrified) that i live my life online. Im not sure if he realizes that I talk about EVERYTHING that strikes me as interesting pretty bluntly on here, but i suppose he will learn. We'll see how that goes. He's not the drop dead hot rockstar type that i usually seem to run into (i piercings, tatoos, drug habits!) ...but its good. hes got these great eyes and something charming going on that i really like., hes nice to me and treats me with some respect and consideration, which is a lot more that usually goes on. We're both extremely busy, which is also good, so whatever may develop can develop..whether it me a fantastic romance or a good-try-but-friends.

I cant handle the lets-hang-out every other day thing. Im beginning to realize that i need an immense amount of space from everyone i know. i have so little time to myself these days, that every second is precious. but its more than that. I just have so much of my own thing going thats its hard to even get involved in other peoples life agenda. I mean, im interested, but i have nothing left to give and my mind is always churning on the project or figuring out how to sneak in working out, or budgeting..something. its selfish, i know. but thats how i am right now. married to the computers. Jeramy hated it. he needed more outta me. hated waiting for me to get done doing my uploads at RMD. hated how preoccupied i was with the cams. hated how involved i could get with the viewers. Maybe not hate..but i know it irritated him. and thats perfectly fine. he needs someone who wants and needs to spend as much time as he needs. im just not that. so, back to my point. its good that Mr. W (oh the nicknames fly) has a lot going on too. i dont feel so bad about being a self absorbed freak. plus, i also know that if i feel like im getting seriously involved with anyone, ill freak and run away. cant handle it right now. so yeah, this might be a good set up.

anyway, im rambling. the receptionist is talking at me about hesidic jewish people. hmmm

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in the comments of the horrible rat experience entry, i ask about shelving...comment 10, by me..
if anyone has any ideas, can you reply here? i need help!