November 16th, 2001

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I just finished talking with my Mom. Was trying to get her to send me my uber-cool Antique Singer sewing machine (that still works and I used to use, mind you) so i can sew pillow cases, curtains, comforters, etc...

parents decided to get me a NEW sewing machine as an early Christmas present. Very cool. Im so excited to get working on the sewing projects. I sorta want my old Singer though. I tried to convey this. Its black, funky, and it's simple, being old and all, so i dont have to spend days learning about all the electronic functions i have to go through to get it to turn on! They said it would cost as much to ship it as getting me a new one, and are set on it. Also, Mom mentions that "when ive settled down" she might consider sending it COD. I told her that I was "Settled down". I wasnt moving out of my loft for years and years, and id really like the old machine, because I wanted my "settled down" place to look like I wanted to and have the items in it that I REALLY wanted and not what I was going to get by one until I "settled down". This is my parents for ya...i ask for one thing, and they sorta do it, but sorta not. I cant complain though. Just reflect that nothing I ever ask for from my parents will be fully received. A new sewing is not something to be turned down.

Supposidly, COVAD has turned on/ installed/ wired/ whatever our DSL. Im hoping to limp in at 2am and find a sparkly happy ethernet jack in the wall. if this is the case, i can upload movies while installing shelving, update my site...shit..OMG. could it be true that I'll finally upload confessions as I do them, like how its supposed to work? OMG!

Meeting Christal after Pier 1 tonight to hit the girly bars. One girly bar, and then like I mentioned, limp home at 2am. I have too much to do tomorrow to sleep in until 2pm, and as it is, unintentionally, i am so sleep deprived that ill crash until 10am, at least. its funny. 10am used to be normal-late back in the days. Now its super sleeping in. Im stoked when I can set my alarm for 6:30 am instead of 5:50. I get all estatic about the extra 30 minutes.

Then OMG...over the weekend, I might be able to update my journal too! Ok, I cant get excited. I dont even know if COVAD showed. (calms self)

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``These latest cost-cutting actions -- coupled with strong new product introductions and entry into new markets -- are intended to return Agilent to profitability sometime during our third fiscal quarter of 2002, independent of how much improvement we see in the industry and the economy at large,'' Barnholt said.


A bunch of bullshit. Isnt it great how managers can talk?
My poor dad may be among the 4000. He is stressed sick.

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Im on the net from home OMG!!!!
i cant believe it!
i havent had this luxury for a year!


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next quest: downloadin fetch...
im soo tired. i was pissed because i got stood up by Christal. My Friday nights are so precious: the only night i have right now where I can go out, knowing that I can stay out as late as I want (unless I pass out standing, which is a distinct possibility). So, here I am thinking we're going to have a blast tonight. She KNOWS i work from 6-10. Claudette says that she came in earlier today looking for me, and again, they informed her of my schedule. Christal said shed come and visit me between 6-9 and then we'd go out afterwards and she never showed. so sad. i almost started crying because this one little get together was the light at the end of a very hard week. but i sucked it up. i think she'll hear about it from me, considering im about REALLY tired of people in NYC being inconsiderate. I love her to death...ive known her for a while, but this sucks. I bend over backwards to try and email all my friends and call for a few minutes when they request. Cant someone just meet me on my day off when they say they will? Sigh...

anyways, im home now and noodles are boiling. im exhausted..thoroughly, but i have DSL. So, ill be awake for a while!
Now..where is that fetch....? ;)