November 24th, 2001

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home again late! its so nice to be able to go out. im not spending much, but i have the time to enjoy the social scene.
tonight it was Henrietta Hudsons. for those not in the know, HH is a happenin dyke bar with so many beautiful women, its nuts. I went with Christal, and Severin was supposed to come too, but she didnt get my message about the plans until she was at home. In any case, neither Christal or I had gone before. Christal cause she just got here...and me because I've had noone to go with. We walked in and it was sooo packed full of people. We bought our first drink before finding the coat check. the main room blasted some well spun house/ tribal and the back bar was filled with 80's hits. So, basically, I danced the night away and all of a sudden it was 3:30am and I found myself playing doubles pool against this hot chic and her partner (we didnt know if they were together but after the game, they made out for 10 minutes, so that sorta gave us our conclusion) id been eying all evening. Unfortunately, as soon as I talked to her, I was annoyed, so the crush vanished, and all I wanted to do was kick her ass at pool for unintentionally leading me on all night. ( it wasnt her fault..but you know)
I wasnt making any of my shots, and if it weren't for Christal's years in a pool hall, it woul dhave been a bad scene. Luckily she hit in enough of the pool balls, so the last two shots were the clincher. And, as some reward from god for insulting me with bad aim the whole time in front of th whole bar, i hit in the last stripe and the 8 ball. so happy. the cute blonde chic and her woman informed me that they'd won the last 7 games and every time i went to shoot, they'd start hollaring at me. Lame. Im so happy we kicked their asses!
Christal got the number of this butchy french-looking girl. I didnt chase after anyone, really. I had two nice ladies come up and try to dance, but I wasnt really into them, althought the lady in the gray sweater was totally cool..just not my type.
anyways, i think we're going back on Tuesday night, cause its the 10 year anniversary of the bar...sure to be a huge crazy party. :)
So, Im hitting the hay. Christal is ctashing over here with me because, as you all know, the bus back to my old place is abitch this late at night. I think she has already passed out. she has to be at work for 11am at Union square. poor thing!! I dont have to do anything tomorrow, if i dont want, but i have a couple goals, including going to the pool, uploading new webpages, and buying a matress. Ikea Trip is going to have to wait. I am also supposed to have a date tomorrow (i guess later today) night with Mr. I excited about that, since we havent seen each other in like 2 weeks, or something.
I like having some of my life back.
Oh its good!!

time to snooze.

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Well, its about time for my date. We're going to take a little walk and find a nice little spot. I sorta wanna try this place: Red Hot Sezchuan..but I dont know what he's in the mood for. Theres a movie theater right around here too, somewere. :) so, maybe we'll go see something american and lame :) Im wearing a snug black long sleeved shirt, with a short jean skirt, black tights and my black Chinese Laundry boots with the neat little ankle restraints. all my dressin up clothes are at the other place. this is the best i could do.

Wow. I havent been on a real date for a while. the real test: will he return my phone calls? hahaha
I think so.