November 26th, 2001

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its strange getting back into the groove of the normal job after having so many days off, and working at Pier 1 only. Im tired today. Proly because I dashed off to Crazy Nannys, this mellow ass dyke bar in the village, after work with my coworker Claudette. She the funniest thing, and seems to annoy most of the other Pier 1 employees, but I LOVE her to death. Never been anything but nice to me, and she actually loves her job. Shes grateful to have it and takes it seriously, even if shes being goofy. Thats cool. I wish I could like retail and helping people out. I didnt tell her its so degrading to me...I felt snobby even thinking it after I heard her talk about how proud she was of her position. And maybe I am. A job is a job. Granted i feel like a shmuck with the low pay and all...but theres nothing TRYULY degrading about it. No one is beating me up, making me lick floors clean, or trudge around naked carrying rotten fruit in the town know? Junior high was definately worse.

So yeah, it was karaoke night. This bar is mostly for minority women and white girls down with culture. Everyone can sing. Everytone. I was basically this little white girl misplaced...but I felt welcome, none the less. There was no way I was going up to the mike, though!! The bartender, Darlene, has the best belting voice. She and some other girl took on Creole Lady Marmalade and put Pink and agulara and lil kim to shame! it was fabulous. I gobbled popcorn because id skipped dinner. Drank a few budweisers. We were waiting around for Claudette's girlfriend to get there, but by 10, i was pretty ready to get home, because I knew the trains would be slow. I made Claudette sing before I left. She picked out "the greatest love of all" or whatever that was. Everyone in the place was swaying. and then giving her mad props at the end. She giggled and ran back to her seat with little happy steps.

Buy the time I got home, i was at a loss for real words and was at that point where i was starving, but felt sick cause i hadnt eaten. I ended up munching on some left over wonton soup and felt better. but, still couldnt type. thus last nights entry.

anyways, my lunch is over and i need to sneak on over to the circuit city site to look at monitors.

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instead of posting up videos, i played with my streaming equipment. hooked up stacys monitor and mouse and tested things out. yum.
yum yum
i think the monitor will be safer in my room anyway, until she needs it, which will be soon. i just needed to make sure everything worked. in the meantime, im hunting down my own monitor, desk, and bed. these are my priorities in life. no more spending money unless its on these three items and those pesky credit card bills. (well,and a bazooka for blowing the fingers off the guy next door who seems to think its ok to practice the SAME guitar riff over and over at 11 pm)
maybe i can toss up a couple of vids. just to tease.