November 28th, 2001

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ugha! i can barely move my hands to type!
whaever that muscle is..on the forearm/ wrist. yeah. its hurts. I just carried a 15" monitor home on the train. I think it's the single most horribly physical feat ive ever accomplished. In fact, if the nice young man in Union Square hadnt of offered to carry the thing down the stairs for me, it might be in a million pieces. My arms just gave out. Im exhausted My whole upper body feel like mush, and my right foot is spazming, due to walking the whole way in 5" heels...
On top of this, i was crossing the main avenue in brooklyn, on the way home, and the walk sign changed in the middle of the 4 lane highway!! so i had to stand there, until i couldnt hold it anymore, with cars whizzing by, and i finally collapsed in squat and put the thing on the ground, until the sign changed. Some guy whistled out at me cause my ass was sticking way out to balance the things. I told him to fuck off. What an asshole. I made it the rest of the way by resting the monitor on the fence every 10 yards, or so.
Im gonna be hurting tomorrow.

I get home and the cats are crazy. i just need to unwind. I want tell you how horrible it is to come home and the place smells like cat shit (im about to clean the liter box)...dishes are piling up (im about to clean them) and theres nowhere clean to sit cause of all the moving. it will all be over soon, but i just want to unwind, more than anything right now...plop my ass down in a big snuggly armchair and relax..and i cant.
i cant wait until these cats go back. thats the main issue. im just tired of them. all the way.
i guess i should check and see if the monitor made it back in my loving arms. if not, im going to lie on the floor and let it absorb my soul into the cold black concrete.

can you tell im in a FABULOUS mood?

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i love being alone.
i really do. no music. only cooking, and the good smells of garlic. an imac.
a monitor that works. (YAY!)

i have found a little peace.

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its 11:45pm. Im ready to crash. The people next door think its a good time to compose loudly. I swear, if its not one thing, its something else. I might invest in earplugs. I just enjoy the silence too much.

there's a good shasha remix of that depeche mode tune, BTW>