November 29th, 2001

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Props to Stacy! (she knows why! :) )

The fog is so thick, you cant see Queens!, said Cynthia, in the biochem dept.

"Who needs to see Queens?" Said lisa, of the chemical dept.

I got yelled at for that, since everyone here is from queens but me and mary.

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We were doing cartwheels in the office. Two of the girls can't do them, but Mary and I were flipping around when the building maintenence man wasnt watching! MUHAHAHAH! He'd go around the corner and we'd flip over, just in time before he came back. Yes folks, this is the KH dollar hard at work. It was a good break. I decided I wont be truly old until I can no longer do a cartwheel. Ah yes, that day will suck, because not only will I be old, ill proly have a ripped thigh muscle.