December 3rd, 2001

most wack message of the evening from the personals

initially it was the pants you are wearing. as I was about to hit next like I do with all adds your last line got me. very clever. you won. nerve wins. I bought credits and all because of you. for starters they should give you money. my decision to "pay" them was because of the blood rushin responsible for, it spontaneously exploding in my body. your shiny pants along with your desire to be spoiled, you got me this morning. as far as all the exteriors, you know how that goes. sure I'm handsome, very handsome but if I'm not your type than it doesn't matter. if we have chemistry than we both will be pleased. I'll look around for a photo so you can decide whether you would like to be my concubine or whatever it is you desire. I'm not sure how this works, how you would contact me, whether my address is posted, whether you want to. I fully understand how your wish works. I think we can play together if...... I sugguest we consider being friends. try me here.... ********** I am older than you, been around and I think I know exactly what it is you want. I think we could accomonodate each other. just how beautiful are you ? aahhhh, you got me. I am dreaming of you. I am impressed. honestly I am an older, a handsome man and you made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time. desire, passion, want. Thank you. really. I am sitting here dreaming about you. I haven't done this in a long time. it is so wonderful to have someone touch that place in your head, that place that affects the other places so that after a while you are alive in my mind, my dreams. my perfect beautiful dream. I hope I hear from you.

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ugha. mondays. you gotta love them.

(at this point, the boss interrupts....)

ok back. I fell as if i have been in meetings all day. Might as well be, seeing as that most of the daywas spent on the phone organizing not one boring conference, but two boring conferences!

ive been swamped and unable to really update in here today. most sorry. I slept for 4 hours last night, and 2 the night before. There's just not enought time in each day. Why oh why do i have to sleep? its such a waste of time.
At this point, im so tired i cant see straight, yet im awake and constantly thinking about my project. So, its not that "im tired and cant do anything" feeling..but more a fighting physical exhaustion that can be over come...for a while.

I am going to pay off a credit card soon. I am quite excited by this fact.