December 4th, 2001

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im sucking down red bull as fast as i can. i didnt get to bed until 2am, once again. damn trains.

i need my morning crack. didnt used to be so into this stuff, but its easier on my brain chemicals than the coffee.

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its supposed to get up to 70 degrees tomorrow!!
is it warm all opver the country or just here?!! Im loving it while it lasts. Short winters are a good thing.

Mary J on the radio. Uh Uh Uh.
I taking a short break to stretch. This morning has been ultra hectic. Its good though. The more hectic i am, the more product is being purchased, and I am comforted that my company will stay in business and i will have a job through the recession. :)

I received my Christmas bonus!! Woohoo!!!
Looks like I may not only be able to put down my DSL deposit before the end of December, ill also be able to pay off a pesky apple loan! That is going to feel good. I Can't wait until I have no more debt hanging over my head. Cant wait. I have to organize my bills over lunch, so I'll know for sure if it will be possible or not. Cant forget that i still need food and a bed and all of that. Computers before beds. How screwy are my priorities? Im such a geek.!!!

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my site is still down! i dont know whats so sorry!!!!

the elevators stopped working during lunch today. I waited forever while the false fire alarm was announced, barely audible about the loud and annoyed speaking of the adult humans in suits and heels, holding plastic bags with plastic food-filled boxes that were to be opened and throws away within the hour. i couldnt eat, i was so tired. it all tasted horrible to me. i drank water and prayed for timespeed. i called in "sick" to work. I wasnt even functioning. Here I am...quickly writing a jumble of events and images that struck me upside the head..
oh as quickly as i can because i want to crawl into bed and be absorbed by the matress