December 5th, 2001

site down: the scoop

...You heard about all the @home customers whose
service has been disconnected, right? Well, it finally caught up with me
too. The cable modem light is just sitting there blinking and I don't know
when they plan to get service restored.

I'm typing to you now via a broadband internet satellite link that I intend
to hook the server to tomorrow. Unfortunately, while the dish has
respectable download speeds (from the internet back to me), it has terrible
uplink speeds (from me to the internet); on par with dialup =o( What this
means is while you'll still be able to upload scads of stuff OK, the speeds
that others will see when accessing the server to surf your site and view
pictures and video will be dismally slow.

COX intends on returning the service at some point and when it does, your
site will be up and running at full speed again. Until then, however, it
looks like we'll have to make do at satellite speeds =o(

I'll keep you up to date...

from wotty