December 8th, 2001

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is anyone out there?
just because i have been a slacker writer does NOT mena you can slack off writing me witty and entertaining comments!

i am at a friends place in the upper east village. curious george is on the shelf. Sparklehorse plays and I think about all the things i have to do today, and how early i had to get up to be here in the first place.

party tonight.
yes, im filming it.
of course, did you have to ask? glam/ jem and the holograms. id invite you, but i hear airplane ticket prices are going up again.

Sparklehorse unmotivates me.

(no subject)

its a rainy yucky day. i did get my laundry done (although it didnt dry all the way, so its hanging around the room).

I also received a BADASS table from morris!!! Thank you!!! ITs VERY sturdy with black legs, black trim and a buffed silver top. my taste exactly. He made it himself, so if anyone needs a table, i think this guy should go into the business!!
So, ive set that up with my imac and other equipment. Now, i have to finish the seat and back rest of that chair frame that i enameled "David Lynch red" (used it on the stairs). Im using stacys little black cube right now, but i need something with a back to it. and about 4 inches higher.
so, yeah, im leaving in about an hour for Long Island City. see you later