December 12th, 2001

while eating a tofu pup (ill buy ya more, stace)

i met a guy named joe just now. he makes boxes and lives 3 blocks from me. well, who knows, really, bu as i was getting off the train he stopped me to ask about the box i was carrying. i rather like it when random, yet nice seeming people come up and talk to me. He said he'd decided to make boxes for Christmas, and wondered what was in mine. see, i was holding this pine box, with two bottles of French wine: a surprise Christmas gift from my freight broker. (i need another pup.) Its all fancy with the name of the vineyard and a description of the contents burned on the top. who knows how good the wine is, but it all looks nice and is quite a thoughtful gift, slightly corporate, as it may be. In any event, we talked about what might be in boxes: cards, candles, necklaces (we decided against this, since it seemed so cliche), christmas ornaments, yummy chocolates. i told him id just gotten off of work at pier 1, so i was full of ideas. he proceeded to ask me many questions, and i proceeded to lie profusely (as much as i like to talk to people, im guarded in these situtations). We walked all the way down the street, as we'd missed the bus. Talked about where i went to school. talked about restaurants in the area, and espceailly about the Mambo lounge..which i hear gets a little rough around the edges later at night. Perhaps it was a good thing me and bob didnt poke in there. Theres some sort of salsa scene there too, if i ever get in the mood. We parted ways with a handshake. No asking for numbers or any of that. i was relieved i didnt have to tell me i was a lesbian. I turned the corner and walked to my building, just in time to see a male occupant that i havent met yet walk out the middle door with his small dog and scold the poor bugger when it got interested in a squashed dairy-looking poduct on the sidewalk.

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site is back.
the links are broken, mostly.
i will be fixing them over the next 2 days.

thanks for hanging in there.
i need a massage.

any takers?