December 16th, 2001

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thank you for all our support!
i was all floored when i saw 20 comments this morning.

I received this email from Christal just now. I guess she must have read my journal:

hi lisa i have just arrived in new orleans after a long miserable trip. i tried to call you in new york but it seemed impossible to
reach you. my last week there was a complete mess. it sucked. first off, i closed veg city diner on a wed evening and
everything was fine. i went to work saturday and found out $200 was missing from the drop, so of course, they are holding my
check until it is figured out. i could not get my check for that week or last week. so i was completely broke. i had to use the
money i had for you to get home. i am really sorry. i did not expect it to be this way. this really sucks! i will send you money as
soon as i can. also, i did keep water in your fish tank and i also fed the fish. everything was fine with the fish until 2 weeks ago
i came home and it was dead.
For what reason i do not know because it had food and water. so i found NO use to keep filling the tank. i did not kill your fish.

i am sorry for what has happened to you.

i also thank you very much for letting me stay there. you have great intentions lisa

i will be sending you money as soon as i get off of my feet.

thanks again,

so, i guess theres a little more to the story. i only wish she could have told me she was leaving...or told my fish had died. i heard a different version of everything from Jeramy. I guess it doesnt matter, and she seems to have had good intentions as well. I will have to get in contact with her somehow. i cannot stay upset forever. I do check my messages, but there is no way for me to call back.
I dunno. all i can focus on now the cat. he's being fixed as i type this. not a happy orange cat. but its better for him and us, and i can only try to offer him the best life i can...
and my lizards too...i cant wait to get them over here tomorrow and clean their cage and just have the luxury of watching them again. i just want to fill my whole room up full of plants and animals and spoil them in memory of TIGA. I was actually looking at grow lights online yesterday. i wondered how it would effect the webcast...if i use grow lights for all the lighting, so i can have lots of plants. hmmm. i wonder if ill get some sort of stange cancer from metal halides. does anyone know anythiing about grow lights? i have no windows in my bedroom, see, so they are required.

anyways, so i am regrouping....i called in sick to work again. feel guilty about it, but with the cat needing to be picked up before 5pm, and me being in a amssively i-want-to-edit-video mood, i figure my time is better spent here. im holiday employment anyways. if they wanna fire me, light the match.