December 25th, 2001


ok. im starting to go insane with the disorganization of my home. ive been ok with it, but today i woke up and its like my whole head is a messy closet. my futon matress takes up a good chunk of the floor because i am still physically unable to aquire my bedloft. its right in front of my stairs to nowhere, which in turn is covered with painting supplies and randomness that i have no place to store because the cabinets i would keep it all in cant fit because the matress is in the way! the closet it overfilled with shoes. the floor is covered in dust, which is bound to get all in bed on the floor. the lighting is terrible.

im a neat freak. ill admit it. crucify me. when my living enviroment isnt right, my whole life isnt right. i just want to crawl away and hide because i cant stand it...especially my room right now. this is supposed to be my sanctuary, but its a wreck.

my throat is still all swollen and im dead tired. im supposedto give stacy a call when i want to come over to glenns, but i think it will have to be a bit later. i might need to lie down and take a nap in an hour, or so.

we are bringing the cats over tonight.
wish me luck.
wish us luck.
i hope Ifrit gets along with everyone. i would hate to see him have to go to a shelter.

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in the past 4 hours since i wrote, i have been working feverishly (physically and mentally, mind you!) on the apartment. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!
I walk into my room and can sigh instead of cringe. yayaya!

The mattress and the desk traded places. I moved in the 3 filing cabinets in from the main room, and set the lizards on them. organized the "tech drawer" and the "pet drawer". threw away extraneous trash and bags and receipts from this and that unimportant drug store purchase. Piled thigns on top of one another in an organized manner.
I think i can now live in here until my bed loft arrives.

Now to put on socks, and await the return of Stacy. When she arrives, she will be carrying her two cats, who must endure another ride up to my old place to claim my kitty. We will then drive back here and let them loose, all at once. Wish us luck. Im scared Ifrit is going to get his ass kicked!