December 26th, 2001

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the cats are not getting along. Ifrit is pretty chill, but poor Skutch! He's absolutely freaking out. And i feel terrible. i think i might have to give up ifrit for adoption, and it kills silly as that sounds..but after Tiga died, i just promised myself that Ifrit would have a great life, away from the hands of Jeramy.

Stacy had a good point. I dont think that Jeramy realized just how many people and animals he has effected with his lack of responsibility. Me, Stacy, Glen. Tiga, my fish, Skutch, Pez. Really, too many animate feeling objects.

So, its either Stacy give her cats back to glen and settle for visitation rights, or i give up Ifrit entirely, a cat whom (up to this point) i have claimed no responsibility to on the hopes that Jeramy would. Stacys cats of 7 years vs. poor ifrit. what a shitty life he has had. i feel ill tonight, but i dont see any other alternative.

skutch is in the corner of the loft. hes been in the bathroom all night, screaming every time we go in. it scares me. i never trust any animal in fear. i wouldnt trust ifrit in the same position. i am hoping that he relaxes over the course of the night. i really do. i know it takes a few days/weeks for cats to get along, but its hard to watch, and even harder to live because i dont really want to get attacked cause i am afraid. and im sure he knows it.

anyways, lets see what happens in 8 hours.

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my update toda is mostly in comment 3 in the posting below.
so absorbed in the cold and the cat drama.

i have to work at 6 tonight. so, ill be hanging around here and making sure things dont get postal. going to let ifrit out for a few minutes later this afternoon. just a few minutes, since ill be out for a few hours tonight. stacy will be back by there will be a good 4 hours when he'll be locked in my room by himself. hope hes ok.

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leaving for pier 1 in about 15.
poor ifrit is huddled under my blanket. it is soooo cold in here! sooo cold.
damn it that heater doesnt work.!!!

it must be 50 degrees in here. im not even exageratting. im freezing with a shirt, sweater, pants and shoes. ugha. my nose is cold.
i dunno if i can sleep in here tonight, its so cold.

Stacy: i figured out the rest of the apt buildings!!!
ill be home at 11pm..if you can hold out for 2 hours!!

pez is chilling
skutch is still on his favorite water heater, but i thought i heard movement earlier, when i was in my room...and theres no smell and no yowling.
slow progress.