December 29th, 2001

(no subject)

hello friendly world,

the S. is here attempting to fix the heater.

listening to badly drawn boy. 10 more minutes and then we leave to meet stace for dinner.

spent the day playing video games and generally being worthless. well, i did get vids done and posted. a major accomplish in such a freezing room.

the cat sleep under the quilts. i forget i own one.
waiting for a phone call.

i find myself growing less and less attached to people. is that how it is when you get older? people come and go and it matters not? i worry about that aspect to myself. the fact that i always need something/ someone new to keep me interested. i think it goes along with my love of moving. i always want to be able to drop everything and run thailand, to the mountains. to a crowd of strangers on a sunday afternoon in Chinatown. i bet im the strange one. people generally seem to latch on to the familiar as they get older. right? stability of some sort. and granted, i need a core..but everything else needs to be random for me to be happy.

im happy tonight.
its random.
in going out for food..